Friends of KWBC

Friends of Kipini Conservancy

Join us now and become a Friend of Kipini Conservancy, to help us conserve the only wildlife corridor on
the East African coast and to ensure the future of our projects.

Conservation can only be established through the help and generosity of our supporters, and Kipini Conservancy
relies on donations from individuals, companies and foundations. Your donation can be used directly to train local
field-workers and rangers to stop the poaching of wildlife and the destruction of indigenous trees.

As a member you will receive regular updates and highlights of what is happening on the Conservancy.

Simply use our online form to register as a member and to make your donation to Kipini Conservancy,
or you can contact Kipini Conservancy by phone: + 254 (0) 20 – 577950
or by e-mail:


East African Wildlife Society

Kenya Wildlife Service

Community Development
Trust Fund

What we need – volunteers

We are looking for experts in the following fields who can volunteer their time:

Proposal writers
Community co-ordinators (alternative sources of income)
Livestock management
Medicine (short term)
Marine biology
Forest management
Wildlife (including elephants, rhino, hunting dogs and primates)
Water resources
African and Migratory Birds